About us

Inspire art through landscaping

Our landscaping products are designed and manufactured to let you create a corner of paradise in harmony with nature. They will add great beauty to your environment, enhance its natural features, and give your house a distinctive look. Your property will make a statement and stand out for its elegance.

Innovation and vision

As manufacturer and distributor of landscaping products, we strive to offer consumers a line that will delight them with their design and performance. We understand the constant challenge, for manufacturers, to offer the latest and the best selection of landscaping products. Our marketing alliance with Unilock®, allows us to meet that challenge while giving us the opportunity to work closely with one of the most innovative manufacturers in the landscaping industry

Freedom of choice

You are making an important investment in your home. Don’t let poor workmanship turn your dream project into a disappointment. Proper site preparation with the correct grading, base material and compaction is key to ensuring that your new patio or driveway looks great and stays even and safe for years to come. Our next generation of products shows the difference your choice of pavers and walls can make Ground preparation and labour eat the greatest part of your budget. Therefore, opting for a premium quality paver won’t significantly increase the overall cost, so choose the best you can afford