A debonair new look for classic English charm

This Hampstead property is a superb example of stately Georgian style. The landscape architect retained to design the walkways, lanes and driveways relied strongly on the architecture of the building for inspiration so that the materials, textures and colors would interplay to form a harmonious ensemble. “The alleys and walkways avoid straight lines, evocative of a natural romantic English garden. For driveway to the garage entrance, I wanted to extend the building with a play of lines on the ground reiterating the decorative striping on the façade,” explains the landscape architect. This handsome creation clearly bears the stamp of a bona fide landscaping professional.

For the wall design, the landscape architect opted for Belmuro in the Umbriano® finish and integrated Umbriano® pavers, both in Summer Wheat. The entire look matches perfectly with the building and its setting.

The zigzag layout relieves the ennui of a straight walkway and adds an effect of depth to the space.

The walkways and alleys feature and adroitly measured play of angles for an effect both elegant and contemporary. Senzo™ pavers in the Castano color were chosen for their sobriety and smooth texture. Moreover, this paver offers durability resistance and ease of maintenance thanks to Easy Clean™ surface protection.