An architect’s orginality

A renowned landscape architect chose Rocvale’s architectural concrete pavers for her own home in Baie-D’Ufré. Why Rocvale? “It was a logical and artistic choice, because Rocvale’s products combine durability and elegance, and are suited to a variety of applications. They really have an inspiring look,” declared the landscape architect whose philosophy is to create exterior designs that are as original, functional and durable as they are aesthetic, comfortable and pleasing. “My expectations have always been very high, and the result has always been more than up to the challenge,” concludes the professional, evidently satisfied.

The forms, textures and colors of the house are reflected in those of the pavers to create a harmonious effect perfectly integrated with the environment.

When colors and textures are mixed skillfully, spaces can seem open while still being defined by function. The landscape architect used Artline™ Alpine Fusion color pavers and Town Hall® Basalt color pavers for his driveway and opted for Bristol Alpine Fusion color pavers for his patio, a daring choice that works splendidly.