Art and nature in perfect harmony

Every day at the crack of dawn this home’s doors are thrown open, welcoming the light and pure forest air!

Accordingly, the guiding principle of the Certified Art Creator’s™ design was to nurture an intimate bond between the built elements and their natural environs. True to this principle, the founding of a waterfall and immense flower beds was essential, as was the choice of Indian Coast natural stone.

Appreciated for its unrivalled beauty, with its soft creamy white hue tinged with a hint of pink and accented with bronze veining, this classic and durable sandstone was used for the entire project, since it performs admirably both in terms of form and function.

The space is aptly composed to meet the daily needs of active people. Whether for relaxing as a family, working or receiving guests, the space more than meets the challenge. The large exterior terrace acts as an extension for the lifestyle that informs the home’s interior.

It goes without saying that the use of quality materials and attention to detail during the project’s realization played a vital role in amplifying the property’s aesthetic appeal.


Design & Execution: Ô NATUREL