Paving the way for modernism

The Rocvale Certified Art Creator™ constantly seeks the perfect match between architectural and landscaping elements. To integrate her work with the main attraction of this contemporary construction, home exterior designer Judith Asselin, of Paysage Lambert, recreated the dominant lines of the house front with the border pavers, making for a strong, linear statement. The volumetric asymmetry is reflected in the modular aspect achieved by deploying different large paver formats. “With the exterior cladding composed of various materials such as wood, silica stone and rendered stone, I wanted a paving surface that was smooth and monochromatic, so as not to add more textures while allowing me to create a dynamic that’s both sober and sophisticated”, explains the designer. The Ultra-Smooth finish of Beacon Hill™ was ideal for achieving the desired result.

The Beacon Hill™ Paver, in monochrome Steel Grey color, abuts the Opal color that visually separates the walkway from the car entry. The durability of Beacon Hill™ Ultra-Smooth is equaled only by its beauty. Of superior quality, it lends itself to a variety of uses and deserves renewed attention as it represents excellent value.

Project realized by:
Paysage Lambert
Rocvale certified Art Creator™