Commercial, institutional & municipal

Montreal’s Place des Arts

This major project to renovate a Montreal icon allowed for transformation of the esplanade into a signature square, worthy of a major metropolis. The urban character enhances the Place des Arts esplanade and serves the site’s current needs.

This multidisciplinary project, developed with due concern for heritage and constructed on a slab foundation, is designed to host an almost continuous succession of festivals all year long.

The intersection at de Maisonneuve / Jeanne-Mance was reconfigured to afford access to the adjacent squares recently installed, and is characterized by Promenade™ pavers in Ultra Smooth finish and Granite colour made to order for this finish. The formats used are 100x200x600mm and 100x100x400mm.

The bold concept, featuring clean lines and incorporating urban components, gives rise to an iconic square, a social and cultural symbol of the Metropolis. Exemplary coordination among the stakeholders made it possible to implement the technical requirements for programming flexibility of the space while also adhering to the highest standards of universal accessibility.

Design : Vlan paysages
Architecture and street furniture collaboration : Provencher Roy                                                        
Execution : Côté Jardin