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Strøm spa nordique Vieux Quebec

Awarded three prizes for its architectural design, the landscape architecture was conceived to maximize the experience of relaxation, tranquility and wellbeing. Although sited in an urban setting, the environment created entices clients back into contact with nature. Of a piece with the site’s architecture, access to the river was of primordial import, both for clients and for the public, who can regard the river from the vantage point of a footpath bordering on the health and wellness center.

The spa aspired to be a place of fundamental equilibrium for the individual, the city and the community, making the most of every moment.  The site’s comfort and beauty are derived from the purity of design, with clean, sleek lines laid out on an intuitive path, designed to facilitate the client’s contact with his inner force.

The landscaping fronting the building was constructed with Promenade™ pavers in Ultra-Smooth and Series 3000® finishes, in Steel Grey and Black Granite respectively. The formats used were 100 x 100 x 300mm and 100 x 100 x 400mm.

The area fronting on the river was landscaped with Artline™ Ultra-Smooth finish pavers in Opal and Steel Grey, whereas Granite color was chosen for the Il Campo finish. Finally, certain other spaces were designed with Umbriano® modular formats in Megantic Sky color.


Conception: Terralpha architecture de paysage
Realisation: Les Mains Vertes du Paysage