Rocvale certified Art Creator

Rocvale certified Art Creator

A Rocvale Certified Art Creator™ is a landscaping professional recognized by us for their high level of expertise in realizing landscape projects and installing our prefabricated concrete and natural stone products according to our high-quality standards.

A member in good standing of the Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec (APPQ), the Rocvale Certified Art Creator™ masters all aspects of his or her art. This person is a professional who knows how to rally specialists in their fields and who, thanks to their experience, creativity and expertise, will be able to make your project become the space you envisioned. He knows how to integrate different materials to make your landscaping project more appealing, more functional and of higher quality. He will not hesitate to recommend the materials best suited for your project.

Note that by choosing Rocvale products and materials, you will not increase the cost of your project significantly, as soil preparation and manpower represent the bulk of the overall expense.

Insist on the services of a Rocvale Certified Art Creator™. This is your guarantee of exceptional quality service and complete satisfaction, from design right through to completion of your landscaping project.

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